A small presentation of Dyrnesvågen Harbor

Though Cruise Destination Smøla offer several ports for our visitors, we currently use Dyrnesvågen as our primary port. 


As you can see on the picture, Dyrnesvågen is a small port. Located on the northwest side of Smøla, well sheltered from the raging Atlantic Sea just outside. From old times, Dyrnesvågen was one of the largest, if not the largest, fishery port at Smøla.

262715_544625432216896_1641984399_nDyrnesvågen in 1960, the good old days..

As you might see on the picture above, even though the port was very well sheltered, the port entrance was “open”. In the later years, a breakwater has been built. This did of course make the port even more sheltered against the weather; but it also made the port entrance somewhat more narrow. If you operate with a depth of 5 meters, the available width for entrance to the inner port is aprox. 20 meters. Therefore, we currently operate mainly with tender operations, located just outside the breakwater.

Dyrnes_aerialAerial of Dyrnesvågen Area; port and breakwater in the lower right corner.

As the aerial photo shows, the tender location is also well sheltered. The tender location is also located very close to the harbor itself, which give short transit time; that will further increase the time available for activities ashore or in the archipelago.

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